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Spectacular Dimensions

 Puppet Parts - This photo of the Puppet Parts Playhouse shows many of the fairytale marionette and puppet characters available in our Puppet Parts catalog - Designed and Created by, Michael Baroto: The witch, from Hansel and Gretel; Peter and Laurie, from The Night Before Christmas; The Cheshire Cat, from Alice in Wonderland; The Little Mermaid; Pinocchio; The Giant, from Jack the Giant-Killer, and our Fairytale Dragon with addiitional links to the Wizard of Oz, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast and more.  © 2010

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Welcome to PUPPET PARTS Playhouse and SPECTACULAR DIMENSIONS new home on the web.

As a professional puppet designer, I began to experiment with CAST RUBBER over thirty-seven years ago, in order to achieve a fast, and economic way to produce a variety of PUPPET PARTS.

Then, in 1999, after many years of research, I decided to launch my own website in order to make these PUPPET PARTS available to the general public. Whether you are an experienced craftsperson, novice or student, learning to work with  CAST RUBBER PUPPET PARTS will help you create beautifully crafted puppets.

Every one of these hand-crafted PUPPET PARTS  comes to you ready to trim, paint and decorate. with easy-to-follow instructions  with every order. In fact, these finished casts are so light-weigh and versatile you will be able to adapt their use for Doll, Marionette, Hand, or Rod Puppet construction.

I do hope you will find these  CAST RUBBER PUPPET PARTS as unique and wonderful a medium as I have.


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