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  Fairytale Puppet Head Collection
Aesop Fables - The Lion and the Mouse - Baroto

* AESOP FABLES - The Lion and the Mouse *

Like all of our CAST RUBBER PUPPET PARTS, you can adapt this LIMITED EDITION FAIRYTALE SERIES for marionette, hand and rod puppet construction.

Every one of our FAIRYTALE PUPPET HEADS is sculpted for its theatrical versatility. The facial  proportions range from 3 " to 5" in length*. The lips are parted and the scalp is ready for your custom wig design



Cowardly Lion


75. #FF75 MOUSE sc 32. #FF32 COWARDLY LION *sc  (11"tall) 75. #FF75 MOUSE sc

Aesop - The Town Mouse - Baroto

Aesop - The Country Mouse


w/o = without        cm = closed mouth        om = open mouth         *sc =special character scale


AESOP FABLES  Pricing Guide
Raw Unfinished Painted
Character List Character List
Lion $69 Lion $400
mouse ( set of 2) $69 mouse ( set of 2) $248
Entire Set  $690 Entire Set  $2480
Plus Shipping You Save Plus Shipping  

Each head will cost you $69.00*  + shipping for US Priority Mail/Confirmed Delivery Service.*

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for more info.

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