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  Hollywood Bobble-Stars

Bobbles - Celebrity Caricature Bobble-Stars - Michael Baroto

 Whether you want a Bobble-Star of  Bette Davis as Julie from Jezebel or Margo Channing from All About Eve.  Each order is created for your enjoyment right down to the accessories. 
  •  Pick your favorite Bobble-Star.

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Superior Craftsmanship

The figures stand approximately 10 inches tall and are mounted on a 4 inch base. 
Compared to the commercial bobble heads they are a full 3 inches taller in height.  
The heads are cast in a light weight vinyl like synthetic  rubber and set onto a resin body. Every Bobble-Star figure is hand finished, detailed,  and signed by the artist.

      Production Schedule

Each figure will take about 3 to 4 weeks to complete once your order is received.  You will be notify via email: Once when your order is received and once again when it is finished and ready to ship. All items will be posted using US Priority Mail/Delivery Confirmation for all domestic orders and Global Express services for International orders unless otherwise noted. All shipping and final payments must be made before due date.

If you have any further questions please feel free to email mail me using the link below. I can only serve you better if I know your needs. Once again Thank You for your interest in my new Bobble-Stars product line. I look forward to hearing from you soon.   



Michael Baroto

Bobble-Stars Order Form Button

Don't see your favorite Bobble-Stars caricature in our current catalog? 
Write  me. I can custom design your favorite Bobble-Star for an additional fee.

New Caricature Custom Design Bobble-Stars Production Fee - $896 + shipping* 

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