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Frequently Asked Questions - Michael Baroto

Do you answer Email?

Yes, I answer all of my email personally. And within three days of your post so if you donít hear from me most likely there has been a glitch somewhere in the system. Do try again. 

What is the best way to inquire about a custom design puppet? 

Email is the best way to inquire about a custom designed puppet. In order for me to prepare a bid for you I need to know as much information about your request as you can give me. After I receive your request I need to formulate each specific request into a written form. These requests can vary from the color and type of wardrobe to the type of animation you want your marionette, puppet or doll to have. 

How much is needed for a deposit? 

A 50% deposit is required on all custom order requests. With the remaining 50% paid in two installments. The second of these payments usually occurs at the mid-way point in production or when a new caricature sculpt is requested. This is usually when the sculpt is completed and before mold work begins. The final payment is due on or before shipping. Your shipping charge is calculated at that time and adjusted to your final bill. 

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How long will the puppet take to build? 

Approximately 6 Ė 8 weeks is needed to complete your custom design puppet or doll commission depending on the complexity of the design. For example: if you require a beaded gown or specialized animation these requests could affect your production schedule adding an additional week. 

Can I call you about the project? 

Yes, via SKYPE if you have commissioned a large work that is not a standard catalog item you can call if there is no other way of alerting me with your information. I generally prefer to keep you informed via email of my progress and have found email to be the most efficient way to expedite this communication process between us. There are exceptions to this rule and sometimes talking on the phone is necessary to clarify thoughts. Since all of my pieces are hand-signed originals, I complete every step of the process from the necessary design work to sculpting, casting, and costuming. And although I would like to talk to everyone personally, doing so can greatly affect my output and productivity. A call at the wrong time while I am in the middle of painting, or beading, or sculpting a character can break my concentration and focus. Thank you, for your patience and understanding on this matter. Most of my clients respect my wishes here.

How long are custom design quotes and bids good for?

All bids are held for 30 days and then expire.

Do you give discounts to customers? 

Yes, discounts are given on volume sales and to customers as a gratuity to those who prefer to pay in advance.

What do you need from me in order to prepare a bid? 

I will need to know these things in order to proceed with your bid request.

  1. Your Name and or Company contact info.
  2. A description of the Puppet.
    Please include, the type of puppet: Marionette, Hand or Rod Puppet.
    And the type of costume, finish and accessories your character will need.  
  3. Projected Time Frame or Production Schedule you are working with.
  4. The Specific Purpose or Intended Use of your purchase.

What do you mean by Specific Purpose or Intended Use?

All custom order requests are prepared and based on the specific needs of the client. For example, if you are a community Church working on a charity benefit your rates will reflect the nature of your request and be quite different than those provided to a Puppet Collector, Art Dealer or Television Studio who will be using the puppet for video, resale or commercial production.

Can I add Animated Puppet Effects to my custom order?

Yes, there are a number of animated puppet effects you can choose from when you order a custom puppet design however; I generally caution clients that less is more. And on the type of animation best suited for a particular design. A puppet feature must have a purpose or it can get in the way and hinder a performance. Most of these effects like Pinocchioís growing nose are demonstrated on my website. If you would like to take another look, click of the Puppet Effects button below.

I hope this Page answers some of your FAQ's. If you have a question that is not addressed here, Please feel free to contact me using the email link below.
 Sincerely Michael Baroto