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The Jungle Book

Rudyard Kipling and Disney both provided the inspiration for my next creative adventure which came to me via a small but ambitious FX company that operated out of Orange County, California - in 1988.

 Shere Khan Sketches

Along with the familiar characters of Shere Khan, and Kaa, the python, and a number of supporting characters 'The Jungle Book', was one of those fun projects, found and conceived on big dreams and very little budget. It was there however, that I was able to re-introduce my techniques for Papier Mache model work back into the arena of high tech and over-produced special effects. In fact, the simplicity and surface glamour of these designs belies the fact that all of these prototype models were all created over chicken wire armatures, layered tissue, bogus paper, and paste. The finished models were then sealed and prepared for Urethane mold work from which Fiber Glass  shells were pulled. From there, the characters were then animated using standard electrical motors in order to create this larger-than-life fantasy installation that ultimately gave a miniature golf course a very unique theme. 

The painting on these figures was another challenge for me and required an outdoor paint that would be UV resistant, durable and water proof. Although limited in their hue I found the solution in Marine enamels and once again employed the airbrush to blend the  and  subtle but varied toned gradations.

Spider Mache Model
Spider - Production Model  Spider - Papier Mache Model
Monkey Scale Photo Monkey Mache Model
Production Scale Photo

Monkey Papier Mache Model

Elephant Wall
Production Photo - Elephant Wall: Carved Urethane Foam with animated front leg unit.
Kaa Scale Photo Kaa Mache Model
Production Scale Photo  Kaa -Papier Mache Model
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