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   Hollywood Bobble-Stars 2006
Bobble-Stars Box Art Design

Bobble-Stars 2006

When I started my career as a Fine Artist and Sculptor designing Puppets, and Special Costume characters for Theater, TV and Film, some 32 years ago, I never dreamed I would one day be designing my own line of bobble-head dolls let alone have a career spanning so many years doing what I truly love to do. And for that I feel very blessed.

As some of you already know my celebrity caricatures are known as Bobble-Stars. I have thirty of them in my catalog available as custom art pieces. Each one is custom designed, hand painted, signed and numbered. Friends and colleagues, often remind me to go with the flow and trust the Universe. After all they say, you are in entertainment and if your work entertains and brings a bit of joy and happiness to the world isn't that really what it's all about. 

The figure on the left you see is a NEW prototype of Madame, made famous by Wayland Flowers.  This latest creation on my recent journey down bobble lane was conceived as part of a tribute series to the great puppeteers who have inspired me in my own career with their artistry and generosity. She is an interpretive work, stylistically mine, and on closer inspection you will notice my signature and trademark touches to the piece: Namely ears, dimensional eyes with plastic lenses and sculpted hair. This figure like all of my Hollywood Bobble-Stars stands 10 inches tall. The body is resin and the head is cast neoprene, airbrushed and finished with an emphasis on tonal and surface detail.

These figures are not commercially available to the general public and only by private commission. Coming soon in this series will be Bobble-Star puppet tributes to Bil Baird, Paul Ashley, Gerry Anderson and Michael Myerberg.

Finally, I decided to create a Bobble-Star of the puppets, made famous by these great puppeteers rather than caricatures of the men and woman themselves. I felt their artistry was best remembered this way. I hope you agree. If you are an avid fan or  collector, I would love to hear your thoughts. Drop me a line using the email link below. 

Michael Baroto


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