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Sid & Marty Krofft

My break into network television came in 1984, after veteran designer  Rolf Roediger hired me to help fabricate the masks and puppets for Sid & Marty's all new stage production 'A Broadway Baby'. This led directly to 'Pryor's Place' staring Richard Pryor which aired weekly on Saturday mornings for CBS -TV.

'A Broadway Baby' was a wonderful concept for a live stage musical. Wherein, all of the adults are seen as life-size caricature puppets. Set in the 1930's, the show is about the trials and tribulations of producing this all-new musical extravaganza featuring child actors. The puppet cast included a flamboyant choreographer, a rich ambitious stage mother, a blue-collar worker, the producer, and his loyal secretary.

Rolf had an innate ability for simplicity of design that made the shop a  refreshing one to work in. He was directly responsible for handing me several assignments to produce on this production including Maria.

Maria was the only animal puppet designed for 'A Broadway Baby'. She had to be convincing yet simple enough for a child actor to operate. Here is a look at some of the techniques I used to create her:

Below you will find a series of production photos of some of the human puppet caricatures I was designing for A Broadway Baby. 

These mock ups were created using Polyurethane sheet foam for later pattern fabrication: Millie - the Black Waitress, was slated as one of the characters in A Broadway Baby. Unfortunately, she was cut from the show  with no further development.

B'way Baby - Baroto

Here are some production shots of Marie, showing the four different stages the puppet went through before it was ready for production.

Stage One Stage Two Stage Three Stage Four

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The Armature The Pattern Body Fabrication Skull Animation

In addition to these puppets and masks, I also produced several of the 1930's period hats for the show.

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