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  Puppet Parts Torsos

We currently have fourteen different torso designs in our catalog. The length of the torso is measured along the center-back line from the neck to the base.

male torso

Merman Torso

#MT10 MALE    5"


# MMT14 MALE Full Torso 


female torso

Seamaid Torso

#WT20 WOMAN   5 "


#MMT24 WOMAN Full Torso


teen boy torso

Teen Torso full

#TT30  TEEN BOY  3 "


#MMT34b TEEN BOY Full Torso


teen girl torso

Little Mermaid Torso

#TT32  TEEN GIRL  3"

$30.00 MMT34 TEEN GIRL Full Torso $43.00

child torso

#CT40    CHILD  3"


#MMT44 CHILD  Full Torso


twtorso.jpg (3352 bytes)


#FT23 THIN WOMAN  6" $30.00

#MMT23 THIN WOMAN Full Torso


thin man torso

Thinman Full Torso

#MT13   5"


$30.00 # MMT13 THIN MAN  Full Torso $43.00
fatlady torso fatman torso

#OT20    FAT LADY  3"


#OT10  FAT MAN   3"



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