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October 27, 2014
EBAY treat a Spooktacular Halloween Sale
  This month you will find some really creepy and spooky buys up for auction to celebrate Halloween. Once again this cross-section of items will be for the avid Collector and Hobbyist as well the Professional Puppeteer. Read the ad copy to determine which type of Neoprene is being featured: Flexible, Semi-rigid or our Rigid formulas. Our blue and lavender skinned Witches will be Flying into your view just in time for the holiday. Skulls, Crossbones, Medallions and maybe a few surprises. So cast your net and make a bid. You might find you walk away with he buy of the decade.
Ebay Witch Button - Baroto
August 14, 2014
EBAY Debuts our silver screen Legends Sale
Beginning this month you will find some really unique and wonderful buys up for auction. This cross-section of items for the avid Collector and Hobbyist as well the Professional Puppeteer. In August we are start off with our custom design caricature hand puppet of Jay Leno; a near life-size puppet head from our Hollywood Celebrity series of the great comedian, W. C. Fields and on a smaller scale the Beast puppet head and hands from our Beauty and the Beast Collection.

Jay Leno Puppet Button Ebay - Baroto

June 1, 2014
Marilyn Monroe:  radiated glamour on the silver screen
I would create several versions of Marilyn over the course of my career, staring with the early Hollywood Bergdorf Goodman Collection. Dressed in her pink satin, black lined ensemble from 'Gentleman Prefer Blondes' she became iconic before the song was over. Here in a more delicate repose I wanted to capture the vulnerable innocence beneath the surface. Skin so luminescent and lips aflame, she is dressed here in a delicate champagne lace and white faux fur, Accessorized with diamond necklace and earrings and long sleeve satin gloves.  A pinnacle among the stars...

Marilyn Monroe Button - Baroto
May 20, 2014
Cher: from our Hollywood DivA Collection Celebrates her birthday today. What could be more fitting than to feature her in a New Gallery Spotlight? Her enduring performance style continues to transcend the spotlight and inspire… Talent, Perseverance, and Dedication to be the very best you can be. From her early start with Sonny Bono to her larger-than-life persona on the Vegas Strip. The Icon shines among the stars...
February 27, 2014
The Lady in the Tutti Frutti Hat
: Carmen Miranda, known as the Brazilian Bombshell was one of the most popular entertainers and of her time. The combination of her vibrant dancing, singing and costumes made her the perfect choice for many successful Marionette Acts of the 20th century, most notably Frank Paris, circa 1940.  Ironically very few puppeteers have Carmen in their lineup today, and even fewer collectors have this newly designed bust until now.

Chica Chica Boom, Chica Chica Boom Click >

Carmen Miranda Button - Baroto

January 7, 2014
ollywood’s Finest, was voted the King of Hollywood in 1937.  Seen here with his masculine wavy black hair and smoldering demeanor, circa 1938: He is dressed in a custom designed vintage charcoal black tuxedo with champagne beige shirt and white satin vest. His striking appearance is seen here propped against a movie set and posing for his Hollywood Glamour shot. These dolls are created one-of-a-kind, per request and sold ‘as signature pieces’ for the serious collector who understands that style and beauty
is worth the time it takes to get there or just a click away >>>
Clark Gable Button - Baroto
December 27, 2013
AIRBRUSH MOVIE STAR PORTRAIT STUDIES: With only a few days before the New Year the portfolio opens yet again to shift our focus on the past. These particular airbrush studies were created in 1990. An experiment with masking and photo realism and based on the wonderful portrait shots of Hollywood Glamour Photographer George Hurrell. I remember when I was began these exercises my expectations were to create an illusion. After all, I was painting with air. The final touches were achieve with conventional dry brush.

Bette Davis Airbrush Button - Baroto

December 5, 2013
NEW COLOR PHOTOS OF THE LITTLE MERMAID: With only a few weeks left before the holiday rush we were able to complete and fill a New Puppet Parts Order for an upcoming production of Hans Christian Andersen's Tale coming in 2014, along with a number of newly colorized character models, and illustrations, now on view in The Little Mermaid Collection. Based on Mythology, the Sea Witch in our tale is a half-woman, half scorpion, crablike creature determined to stop our Little Mermaid from ever finding true love and happiness among mortal men.

Sea Witch Button - Baroto

October 16, 2013
A COURTESY ANNOUNCEMENT: I am the process of blocking in the final productions weeks of 2013. All pending contracts and purchase order agreements that have not been received by October of this year will have to wait until the spring 2014. Requests however, that do not require materials affected by seasonal weather conditions will be accepted on a project to project, first-come first-served basis. Please email me if you have any questions. Thank you, for your patronage. Sincerely MB

Check out our Halloween Witches, now on  Etsy J click >>

Etsy Halloween Witch Button - Baroto

August 26, 2013
THE HOLLYWOOD COLLECTION IS BACK... over three years of development and research went into selecting thirty stars spanning the Classic Golden Age of Hollywood. JEAN HARLOW, Hollywood's first Blonde Bombshell graces our Gallery Pages...Platinum hair, sultry lips. She is dressed in a white satin halter gown with accented marabou gauntlets and ivory trimmed shawl. This doll is striking in her appearance and ready for her close-up. Seated on a rattan chair and posing for a Hollywood Glamour shot. These dolls are created for the budget conscious collector who understands that lasting beauty is in the eye of the beholder... Will that be you?
Jean Harlow Doll Button

July 31, 2013
THE CIRCUS OF MARIONETTE...harkens in the moonlit hours. Something has stirred and the marionettes become restless. The music begins, the lights come up, and the curtain gives way. The designer has long left the arena. The scenery is hung, the props are in place. Is it a strain of the music we hear or an unrequited love? In these hollow eyes, we see a glimmer of life, a wicked smile and the dance begins. The strings play in harmony as the motion unfolds. We are caught now in a web of seduction. Do we go or do we stay? The Drama needs to be told.  

Circus Marionettes - Gallery Button

June 10, 2013
begins with a Vision. It is a collaborative art form encompassing Scenic and Lighting Design, Costume, and Performance Art.  It is not a solo piece or concerto. It is a symphony Designed and Orchestrated under the skilled baton of the Artistic Director, and a feast for the eyes, ears, and the imagination.
The Magic of Marionette Theatre button
April 10, 2013
keeping up with the changing marketplace is as important to us as surpassing the competition. We do this by offering you the type of Quality and Workmanship you have come to recognize; Superior products and the most innovative methods helping to make your consumer experience the best it can be. This encompasses changing technologies and e-commerce. As consumer needs and preferred payment methods evolve Paypal has eliminated our need for a PO Box number and Skype the anonymous and sterile phone call. Let’s keep these new and exciting technologies going.  Working together they spell SUCCE$$  

e-commerce button - Baroto

March 24, 2013
THE AESOP FABLES... age-old stories that hold a moral of fascination. The Lion and The Mouse and The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse are two examples of stories with a small cast of characters that will deliver a wallop of Fun and Entertainment to your seasonal line-up even when you are on a budget, and that just for starters. There is an array of characters, vividly drawn, to engage even the most jaded and finicky among us. Sour Grapes anyone? ...

February 7th, 2013
INSIDE ONE OF OUR NEWEST PAGES... you will find our current list of Fairytales and Fables located on our Show Book Catalog page. Sorted by Storybook Title, this Quick Reference Guide will  provide you with  number of direct links to your favorites Fairytale Themes and Puppet Characters. Of course these are only suggestions as you can freely choose to mix and match character designs to create you own unique look and storytelling.
January 31, 2013
A NEW all things a fresh start, a few new ideas, a few changes. There will be some pages that will be undergoing revamping and stream lining. Some pages will be expanded, new services will be added, and some will disappear. Much like life is our ever changing world. I do hope you check back to see our  updates and progress now as we begin to grow and evolve to our full potential. Thank you for your continued patience and support. I have missed you. MB
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November 12, 2010
SCREAMING RELAXES ME SO... Four little words that sent shivers down the spines of every groupie and ghoulie lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the Vampira Show back in the 1950's. Now, immortalized as one of our Viva Las Vegas caricature puppets, Vampira enters our Gallery of Stars along with making her debut in our latest Youtube puppet animation video.

This latest animation marks a transition period, awaiting the release of the next generation software that will allow me to move my puppets through 3D environments combining facial animation and song, using full-scale figures, sets, and props right from my very own PC. All very exciting!

Here, Vampira and a host of cemetery ghosts enjoy a Halloween romp singing the parody They Ain’t Alive based on the Bee Gees, Staying Alive.  Click the link to the right if you dare.  >>>

Vampira YouTube Button - Baroto
June 9, 2010
baby goo talks...  
My third puppet animation test featuring Baby Goo singing the parody Cheese Wiz, has now posted to my Youtube Channel .

For anyone growing up on the east coast of the United States during the early 1960's, like I did, this Cheese Wiz parody, sung to the tune of Gee Whiz, by Carla Thomas, should be an instantly recognizable classic...bringing back memories of the RCA Victrola, American Bandstand, and 45rpms. Those are like oversized CD's with a big hole in them kids. J

In addition to the vocals, and parody lyrics you will notice a number of new props I needed for this production. The baby food jars added just the right amount of fun I was looking for.

Clicking the button link to the right to view this clip >>>

Baby Goo YouTube Button - Baroto
May 21,  2010
My Newest Puppet animation - a Hairspray Parody debuts on our YOuTube Channel...  The second of my puppet animation tests has posted to my Youtube Channel starring that 'Double-D of Diva's'  Lena Cuisine singing the parody Big-Boned and Beautiful, sung to the tune of Big Blonde and Beautiful from Hairspray. (Original Puppet Caricature, Parody Lyrics, and Vocals by moi... )

Yes, for those friends and fans who aren't quite familiar with my talents. This is my own voice characterization that you hear for Lena, lamenting the pangs of diets, desserts, and contentment.

What's even more exciting about all this global web access, is to be finally able to move my dream of celebrity and puppet caricature parodies into the digital age.

So click the button to the right... and enjoy the show.  >>>

Lena Cuisine YouTube Button - Baroto
April 27, 2010
COLOR ENHANCEMENT and puppet Animation… These are just two areas of design and study that are helping me move my puppets forward in the 21st century.  Balancing color harmony and line, and then taking those designs to the next level by blending emotion and pathos with puppet caricature and manipulation in order to create a new living breathing form of art.

It has taken me just over half-a-century to achieve this effect but will take you only a few seconds to view the results. J >>>

Wizard of Oz Poster Button - Baroto
April 18, 2010
Hey, I'm Talking here! What d' Ya say to that? Well, I'd probably say it's about time. And then, most likely add how excited it makes me to finally be able to combine the latest computer technology with my artistic vision in order to bring my puppet art to life.

So the future looks very bright indeed.  Wouldn't you agree? You know in 1983, I wrote in my journal I believed the future puppeteer would be a computer operator. Some dreams do come true.

Click the button to your right to see our first Puppet Animation Test on YouTube. >>

Cat - Pinnochio Button - Baroto
March 23, 2010
It's spring Again!! and birds on the wing again... Arriving this weekend, along with the current Puppetry Journal -Winter 2009 - issue, featuring an inside full-color page of several of our puppet caricatures
in the Gallery section: The bold and brassy Big Momma, the outrageous La Mae Sisters, and the swingingly sublime Louis Armstrong. I'd like to thank
Paul Eide, Managing Editor of the Journal, for another great layout design. The page looks great.

Stay tuned...we are about to move to a bigger location.

Puppet Journal - Winter 09

February 1, 2010
In the immortal words of Mae West…It’s not the men in my life; it’s the life in my men. To illustrate this point here’s a look at one of the puppet caricature faces I created last year for Mae’s Las Vegas revue. And a glimpse of things to come…This prototype sculpture is a  Photoshop colorized CGI look at what this finished marionette will look like. Standing about 32 inches tall and almost as wide this chorus of body builders will become the supporting cast for Miss West in homage to her own Las Vegas Act that debuted in 1957....ooh, la, la! What a  Gal!

Of course I can't show you the completed figure yet, you've got to leave some things to the imagination. J

Muscleman Button - Baroto 2010

December 18, 2009
making a list and checking it twice  …Gonna find out who's naughty or nice.  J

 Who are they you ask? The fabulous and flamboyant La Mae Sisters and they just entered our Gallery spotlight for the month of December, Wishing you a Joyous Holiday Season and a Prosperous New Year! …So get out those dancing shoes and get ready to party your way into 2010, by clicking on the Gallery link to the right. >>

To all my fans, colleagues and friends. We couldn't do it without you. ... Have a safe and wonderful new year...

Stay tuned for an exciting year of innovation and fun, the sequin, the glitz, and glamour and a few surprises.

Sincerely, Michael Baroto

La Mae Sister Button - Baroto 09

November 6th, 2009
Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol  …More than a dozen of your favorite characters from Charles Dickens immortal classic make their way into my Puppet Parts Catalog, for 2010, featuring thirteen new designs.

There's Tiny Tim, Jacob Marley, Old Ebenezer, and the Ghost of Christmas Past.

For a behind-the-scenes look at this magical world of greed, redemption, and spirits from beyond. Click on the button to your right. >> God Bless Us, Everyone! J

A Christmas Carol Button - Baroto 09
September 1, 2009
hello dolly. this is Louis, dolly.  It’s so nice to see you back where you belong … Undeniably one the most influential jazz musicians of the 20th century ‘Satchmo’ Louis Armstrong enters our Gallery spotlight for the month September. Dazzling with the grace and style that made him one of the world’s most beloved entertainers. This marionette makes his long awaited debut as part of my Viva Lost Vegas collection. 

Click the button to the right.  I feel the room swaying. J >>

Louis Armstrong Button - Baroto 09

August 1, 2009
a Journey of a Thousand Miles  …Begins with one step.

As the maxim goes, the same can be said about the Art of the Puppet. Here is a behind-the-scenes look at my latest project. The Music Box Doll is a Bunraku styled rod puppet created for green-screen for an Indy film. Although I can’t talk about the specifics of the project, I can share part of the backstage process.

For a glimpse into my Art, click on the button to your right. >>

MBD Button - Baroto 09

July 19, 2009
C – E – L – L – O!  Cell phoneS! J Let me take a moment to talk about cell phones. We all seem to have them for one reason or another. I picked mine up about 7 years ago for traveling, and for clients who need to stay in touch like two days ago I received two calls on my line before I could reach the phone. Great News!! The technology is working except when you call with an 'unlisted' or ‘withheld’ number then  I can’t return your call

If you call me and don’t leave a message, and or your name or number is unlisted…well, it’s like you never called at all. Now, doesn’t all this make email seem a whole lot easier?

cell-o jell-o button - Baroto

June 22, 2009
the bil baird pages
For those of you interested in the history of puppets as well as their entertainment value I recently updated the Bil Baird pages on my website featuring several new never before seen photos from Bil Baird's Marionette Productions: Pinocchio and Alice in Wonderland.

In addition, a third tribute page was added this week  featuring  backstage information, photos, and tidbits about one of Bil's last original musical productions produced for his theater: Cartonella

Going to the POA Summer Festival? Have a MOO-velous time. J

Cartonella Poster Button- Baroto

May 11, 2009
the Rat Pack: Dean, Frank, and Sammy! … Making their five-star debut, for the month of May, our Gallery Spotlight falls on three of the biggest, hottest, and most dynamic Vegas Superstars to join our Viva Lost Vegas puppet collection.

These three legendary performers first teamed up to light Las Vegas on fire when they appeared onstage together at the famous Copa Room, at the Sands Hotel and Casino in 1960. 

Smooth, cool, and debonair these entertainers wrote the book on class that left Vegas and the world spellbound for generations.

It has been a pleasure recreating these latest caricatures for my collection. I hope they bring you as much joy and inspiration as they have to me in pursuit of your dreams and goals and ambitions.

Coming soon I hope to expand my Puppet Parts studio and catalog to include fantasy masks, and characters that continue to challenge the boundaries of puppet art and look forward to sharing those new designs with you ASAP.

Click the button to your right. The show’s about to begin. J  >>> 


Rat Pack Button - Baroto
March 27, 2009
Everything old is New again! …It may be the title of a song but it's true. Take Mr. Grumps for example. He first sprung to life in the early 1970's as a disgruntled forlorn king and then was later refined in 1979, as the mild-mannered Gramps, when I was experimenting with flexible foam rubber painting. This latest incarnation shows him sporting a professional flocked skin surface and a set of baby blues stylistic of my Baby Goo character.

In addition to his peepers, Mr. Grumps, has a pair of legs rarely found on generic rod puppets which allows him to operate very much like Topo Gigio, the famous Italian mouse using traditional black-art and Bunraku techniques.

Mr. Grumps button

March 09, 2009
It’s My birthday Today! …There is so much to be grateful for in my life but no greater joy then to have the family and friends who have stood by me, believed in me, supported me, and encouraged me to reach a little higher, to achieve my dreams, obtain my goals and who have applauded me when I surpassed them. This is my birthday wish to you. That you never lose sight of the your inner truth and that you build a foundation that reflects the love you have been given along the way. MB

February 25, 2009
start spreading the News! …I just flew back from my stay at the New York, New York hotel in Las Vegas after being invited to attend the Red Carpet presentation by Cirque Du Soleil. Their creative energy was high, and an enormous inspiration for me to listen to a company dedicated to the finest quality entertainment of its kind. If you ever get a chance …Go!

Looking forward and excited to embrace the new and innovative possibilities to provide you with the Special Costumes and Puppets you need to expand both Arts and my Puppet Parts catalog. Thank You, NYNY

NYNY-Las Vegas - Button 09
February 18, 2009
You Can’t Hurry Love…
no truer words were spoken. And when Diana Ross, Florence Ballard, and Mary Wilson sang those words, living the dream became pure magic. The Supremes not only skyrocketed to fame but also soared into the hearts of millions. I know, I was one of them. That spark is alive today.

2009 marks the 10-Year Anniversary of my Puppet Parts website. 'You've got to trust, give it time'. The journey begins with one step.

The Supremes - Button 09

January 08, 2009
Elvis – The King of Rock and Roll –IS IN THE HOUSE Exploding onto the scene for 2009. Hip shaking, Earth quaking, and quivering his way into our Gallery Spotlight.

Standing 33 inches tall this marionette depicts Elvis at the start of his career - circa 1956, complete with his replica trademark guitar and baggy pants with fully animated eyes and mouth. To view this latest puppet caricature to join our Viva Lost Vegas collection click the link to your right. >

Elvis - Button - Baroto 09
December 14, 2008
DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER…enduring, unparalleled, hypnotic and fascinating they captivate with a clarity, beauty and mystery.  These words can aptly describe Dame Shirley Bassey, the latest star to enter my Gallery Spotlight in my Viva Las Vegas series. Sparkling effervescent with a fascinating allure ...she luster’s on. 

Have A Safe and Wonderful Holiday Season. The best is yet to come.

Shirley Gallery - Baroto 08

November 14, 2008
Forget your troubles and just get HAPPY!Judy Garland takes her rightful place in our Gallery Spotlight this month, the latest puppet caricature in my Viva Lost Vegas series, reminding us to ‘Chase All Those Cares Away.’ 

Let’s all find something and someone in our lives to be thankful for this coming holiday season. In the meantime, please feel free to view this dynamic concert and screen legend by clicking the icon to the right.  Aren’t you glad it’s not me this time? J

Judy Gallery - Baroto 2008

October 19, 2008
…As Workroom Supervisor of the NBC Wardrobe department in Burbank, I along with my talented staff of 11, were able to ship 16 additional costumes pieces to Crystal Cruise Lines making that a grand total of 83 finished items based of 47 original designs by Gretchen Goertz, for their new Broadway Revue Show ‘SRO’ in 6 weeks time. Whew! What a Way To Go! 

Not a bad way to celebrate my one-year anniversary.J 

And on September 26th...

They finally released the film SMOTHER starring Diane Keaton and Dax Shepard. This was the small independent feature I worked on a couple of years ago. I created the pumpkin costume you see to the right for Diane, and the over-sized Sultan Head featured in the film. If you blinked you probably missed the movie all together. It opened here in limited release and I must confess with my schedule I didn’t get to see the film. However, you can either scroll down to see the Sultan, or click on the button to the right. Both pieces can be seen in the current movie trailer clip from Yahoo's Movie site.   Enjoy!

Crystal Cruises

Pumpkin - Smother Link

September 7, 2008
Inspiration...More than anything else it's the life-spark of my creativity. I was inspired a while back to create a piece of wardrobe for myself. A jacket, in fact, for no other reason than I could not find one to my liking in the retail marketplace. With some down time at work I was able to utilize my resources and talent and  gather together my thoughts to design, drape, and tailor this garment. Now, all I have to do is wait for the cooler weather to kick in to wear it.
 All things in time...

Jacket - Baroto 08

July 21,2008
TO PAINT OR NOT TO PAINT?...That is the question.

Warhol-in-motion - Baroto 2008

June 1, 2008
TRANSITIONS…Webster’s definition; A passage from one state, stage, subject or place to another, a musical passage or modulation from a section of music to another. An abrupt change or state of energy accompanied by loss or gain of a single quantum of energy. I AM IN TRANSITION... to what will be a freer more creative place after the state takes effect. I know it to be for good.
March 9th, 2008
THIS IS MY LIFE!... and I don't give a damn for lost emotion. And so the song goes. A song that frames one of the most prolific careers of the last century: Dame Shirley Bassey.  I was lucky enough to catch this Diva in concert during the 1970's, in NYC.  The energy, power, and vibrancy of her performances has never faded, nor has the lasting impression she made on me as a young artist. In tribute, SB is taking her place among my Puppet Stars Collection as the latest entry into my Viva Lost Vegas series. Here is a sneak peak at the work in progress.  >> 
Shirley Bassey Sculpt - Baroto 2008
February 23, 2008
ALL IN A DAY’S WORK... I thought many of my family, friends, and fans would like to see what has been keeping me occupied over the last few months so I’ve included this behind the scenes look at the evolution of one of the many designs I supervised this past fall over at NBC Studios here in Burbank. 

Using one of the costume designs by Gretchen Goertz, I have added some informative text to show you how I take a designer’s sketch from concept to completion.  Enjoy! J

February 2, 2008
IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE... filled with simple wants, needs, and hidden treasures. The rest seems to take care of itself. 

The Boy With A Penny’ is a symbolic piece I created for The Children’s Miracle Network Charity Auction, in 1998.  With nothing more than a penny in his pocket its theme is about giving and doing the best you can even when you think it’s never enough.  

So in celebration of this unique 10th anniversary... 

Everything Old Is New Again.  J Enjoy!

Pennyboy but - Baroto
December- November, 2007
Angel Vs The NYC Mets Baseball star...
competed back-to-back, to close out another successful year of non-stop Special Costume, Puppet, and Doll Projects to round out my portfolio collection for 2007. The first of these was a 36-inch tall commissioned marionette of Moises Alou, (seen in the lower right-hand corner.) ...complete with special stringing, moveable mouth, and detailed sculpted accessories. My final creation however, was the Golden Angel figurine you see to the right. Approximately 30 inches tall, this Angel was created as a gift for a long-term PLA survivor, I met this past World Aids Day. The piece utilizes several of my Puppet Parts Catalog molds,  and features golden Mylar wings and a floating Crystal star. 

Amidst these commissions was my 'surprise' return to work for NBC again. Tracy Turnblad eat your heart out...J

In October, I received a call from my ex-boss who asked if I would consider coming in to Supervise the costume production staff of the Wardrobe Department, here in Burbank replacing someone who decided to take an early retirement. 

During this time I was able to successfully produce 51 costumes based on 25 designs for a Cruise Line Revue Show in November, and subsequently, an additional 21 made-to-order costume items for one of their new featured dancers in December.

Angel Button - Baroto

Moises Alou Button - Baroto 2007

October 11, 2007
impossible things are happening everyday…  Our YOU CAN DO IT page has added a new alumni to it's list with the debut of Theodore's Dawson's  production of Cinderella. Click the button to the right for a preview. I wonder who finds the glass slipper this time?


Well, don't mention Halloween, or Trick or Treat, or Autumn in New York without first checking out our latest Gallery Spotlight on ...who else?

The Divine Miss M - Bette Midler 

Bette Midler - Button

September 14, 2007
GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN… it struck me recently as I looked around at a number of websites and then at my own, how few people credit their heritage. So, I took stock in this and saw that I had thanked numerous people along the way who, in part, helped me become who I am today but in so doing realized that there were two people, who more than any others deserved this recognition the most. They are my parents. Born in United States, circa 1920, of Italian ancestry; they provided me with a safe, strong and loving environment to build my stage on.

You are forever in my heart. MB

Mom & Dad - Baroto 2007
September 7, 2007
W.C. Fields: Vaudevillian and Hollywood STAR enters the Gallery Spotlight this month. Our latest commissioned work stands approximately 40 inches tall. Weighing less than 4 pounds, this Vent Rod-Puppet features an animated mouth. Dressed in a period green frockcoat, vest, and checkered pants W.C. is accessorized with stovepipe hat and trademark spats. 

“Why, It ain’t a fit night out for man nor beast.” J   

Fields Button

August 14, 2007
Big Things Do Come In Small Packages... it's true! Engineered to fit into the two shipping boxes you see to the right, here is a look at the final and complete Dragon Parade Costume

Eight weeks in production from design to fabrication, the total weight of this Dragon costume comes in at just under 12 pounds meeting Express Mail requirements and assembles in about 15 minutes. The control rod to the head attaches to a flexible neck shaft that allows you to focus the Dragon, right to left. The wings  swivel and are mounted to respond to the body movement of the puppeteer. Who is that puppeteer?... Ssssh! It's me, take a look. >

July 20, 2007
BEFORE THE PARADE PASSES BY... I thought I would give everyone another behind-the- scenes glimpse at the giant Dragon-Parade Costume I was working on that wrapped for me this past week. This is an extended look at the Foil Mache process I utilized during week-6 in order to create the faux gold leaf finish. 

And speaking of parades I want to wish everyone currently attending the National Puppetry Festival, in St. Paul, MN an equally thrilling experience.

Dragon-Red Button - Baroto 2007

July 4, 2007
Happy Forth of July...LA VIE EN ROSE!!! In honor of our national holiday and one of the hottest days of the year I decided to take a trip into Hollywood to see a wonderful bio-pic about the legendary chanteuse
Edith Piaf. What a wonderful film tribute and powerhouse performance by French actress Marion Cotillard. In keeping with that homage I am posting my doll design of Edith, in celebration. The film and its stars are deserving of the accolades that come their way. Sadly to say, my Edith Piaf was part of the 30 original doll figures and prototypes stolen from my locked security unit in the mid 90's, that I told you about this past April. Justice will be done. This kind of conduct in our community must not be condoned. I am reaching out to the many friends for their support and information.  Peace, Light, and Continued Blessings...  
Let the Fireworks begin
Edith Piaf Doll - Baroto 1981

June 27, 2007
ALL THAT GLITTERS…IS IT REALLY GOLD? Well, just to keep everyone happy and updated I’ll give you a clue. I have been busy creating a ten-foot tall Dragon - Parade Costume that has successfully completed its 5th week of production. Based on an earlier design this creature has both riveted and fascinated my imagination in that I am combining some of my latest techniques to bring this character to life. The work just seems to be getting BIGGER and BRIGHTER all the time... or is it just me?

Happy Birthday! To my buddy, Scott… Hope this inspires you and all of my fellow puppeteers and dreamers out there. 

Dragon Costume Sketch Button - Baroto 2007

May 27, 2007
SOME-Things 'wICKED' COME my WAY! And what a surprise is was last week when I finally got to see the Los Angeles Production of 'WICKED' here at the Pantages Theater in Hollywood. Just before the show, I stopped by a newsstand to inquire if they carried DOLLREADER magazine. The clerk there said, Yes, he did. And when I flipped through the current issue featuring a couple of 'WICKED' dolls on the cover I found my name and my Liberace  featured on page ten. Some things in life are just plain wicked, aren't they?
J Don't miss this show or this issue.

Doll Reader Magazine - June/July 2007

May 1, 2007
THERE'S A WHOLE LOTta SHAKING GOIN ON! And it has nothing to do with Elvis Presley's hips or the San Andreas fault.
J It's the premiere and launch of our newly designed Bobble-Stars site. WOW! 

This has been a long time coming but I know many of you were waiting for this one. I am hoping to eventually add all your exciting suggestions to the collection as the site grows. Right now, take a look around. I am still tweaking things so if you run into a glitch let me know. In the meantime Mae says, "Why don't you come up and see me sometime?" Just click the button to your right.....Ahoooh! >

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April 27, 2007
LAND OF THE GIANTS Puppet Parts takes a giant leap forward today debuting one of our latest and most innovative techniques and procedures. After waiting years for a product to come along that I could adapt to my Larger-Than-Life Walk Around Foam Puppets... I found it in a product called Fosshape 300. It looks like felt and when heat-set creates a hard shell-like covering that shrinks and contours around my foam structures like a glove. Not only is it light-weight and durable but it can be animated, painted and dyed and as they say.. A picture is worth a thousand words... So, Take a look!

Goblin Fosshape Mask - Baroto 2007

(The egg in the picture is about 2 and a half inches long and shows scale ratio.)

And while you are here be sure to check out the latest additions to our 'You Can Do It Page' to see some of the fantastic work being done by our customers including our next preview collection.  

The Hobbit - You Can Do It button

Jack the Giantkiller button


April 12, 2007
hollywood caricatures on parade ...Judy Garland, W.C Fields, Elvis Presley and don't be surprised if you see Laurel and Hardy, Charlie Chaplin and the Marx Brothers bringing up the rear. 

Also be on the lookout for the next upcoming Red Carpet issue of DollReader, featuring our Hollywood Celebrity Caricatures, due on newsstands this July.  The BIGGEST surprise is yet to come...more on that later. J

Laurel-n-Hardy - Baroto 2007
April 9, 2007
In Chinese and European Mythology, Legend, and Folklore their power and beauty has both inspired and personified the fantastic in our lives. From the tales of St. George and the Dragon, to the Imperial Dynasty, these otherworldly creatures have left a mystical mark on almost every culture around the globe. To the right is a Dragon model I designed and created in 1989, and the shape of things to come. Enjoy ...Michael Baroto
Dragon Model - Baroto 1989
April 1, 2007
AND THE PERSON WHO STOLE MY ARTWORK IS…In 1995, I discovered that a double-locked security unit of mine in LA, was broken into. Stolen from my possession were 30 original signed Dolls, Puppets and Prototypes filed under copyright with the Library of Congress, in Washington, DC, along with several boxes of related supplies. Last year, a number of fortuitous events lead me to the person responsible for selling one of these stolen pieces to a high profile collector for thousands of dollars. After a two hour meeting with this person probing into this mystery the information and the name I was seeking was revealed to me. Though questioned whom that was I never let on…until now. Now after great forethought the winner is…

March 30, 2007
Time marches on! With the month of March drawing to a close let me say a word about time as we know it. Time is finite yet it seems to go on forever. To my pending and future clients who are undecided and may be sitting on the fence, my advice to you is: PLEASE direct your attention to your Production Schedule.

Waiting until the last possibly moment does not make your project less expensive to produce but puts the quality of that work in jeopardy. And I will more often than not refuse your assignment if this happens. Experience has brought me great success in my ability to manage time efficiently. Click on my FAQ’s button for more information on Custom Order requests. Thank you. MB

March 27, 2007
back From my las VEGAS BIRTHDAY Retreat!!! Nothing feels better than a week's worth of peace, rest, relaxation and a little bit of pampered self-indulgence. And what better place than our nations biggest playground this side of the Mississippi, Sin City, Nevada. J I thoroughly enjoyed my stay, the wonderful room accommodations, sunning by the pool and Jacuzzi. I even got to tour some of my favorite spots too like the Bellagio Gardens and that effervescent fountain display directly across from the Paris Casino. Oo-la-la! Then it was off to the Wynn, to tour the couture shops of Chanel, Dior and Gaultier. Did I mention I got a bit of research in for my Viva Lost Vegas revue too? 
ShowGirl Button - Baroto 2007
March 15, 2007
is she a flash or is she a flash! Mae West, the original Hollywood Diva of the 1930’s, struts her stuff into our Gallery Spotlight this coming spring. For a sneak peek at this Sultry Sexy Siren of the Silver Screen click on the button to your right. 

...And remember...Goodness had nothing to do with it.... J

Mae West Button -Baroto

February 9, 2007
Pumpkins, Puppets, and Props
Oh My!  My latest film project wraps today. Yeah!!! For this assignment I was given a little over 3 weeks to create two oversized Costume pieces for a small independent feature shooting here in LA, called Smother. The first item was the large Sultan mascot head you see to the right complete with prop scepters

…Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!... J  

The specs for this character were fairly simple: Keep it simple, worn about the collar and light in weight. All of the detail work you see around the broach and feather is painted illusion. And an extra bit of fun was added to this character to make his eyes  and mustache wiggle.

The second item needed for this production was the biggest Pumpkin Costume you ever saw this side of Oz, complete with a little stem hat. The great part was I got to work with my good friend Emma, who I have dubbed my Aunt Em. (Scroll down to the Hotdog Costume.) Everyone should have an Aunt Em, looking out for him or her in Hollywood. She’s the best.  Thanks Em.

Earlier in the week I responded to yet another email request for the Elephant-Bird Puppet I created for a production of Seussical, and received a reply stating the Producer did not allot enough money in his ‘prop budget’ to cover the cost of creating this puppet.  

I studied and worked alongside Bil Baird, the man who wrote The Art of the Puppet (circa 1965). He was one of our country's premier master puppeteers of the last century. In Europe, Puppetry is still considered an Art form. The Elephant-Bird from Seussical is no more a prop than Audrey II is from Little Shop. This publication should be required reading for all producers before they decide to finalize budgets for productions that require puppets and special characters. 

Wishing Everyone Peace, Happiness and Continued Success.

Sultan Mascot Head - Baroto 2007

Pumpkin Costume - Baroto 2007

Art of the Puppet - Bil Baird

January 25, 2007
Never underestimate the Power of Kindness Both my parents taught me to be kind and for that I am rich in their legacy. Major changes will be taking place this year both on a business and artistic level. Some as early as the next week as I wrap up my current film assignment and debut the cast for Amahl and the Night Visitors. One of these changes will be a full color Puppet Parts catalog. For a sneak peek at what that might look like, click on the button to your right to see my newly released poster art.

Puppet Parts Poster Art
December 16th, 2006
Best Wishes for A Prosperous New Year Puppet Parts will be on vacation for the Holiday Season, from December 23, until January 2nd.  All deposits for pending orders not received by close of business day Monday, December 18th,  will be processed in the New Year. I look forward to serving ALL your needs in the New Year. Have a safe and wonderful Holiday Season.

Michael Baroto - 06 web button

December 7th, 2006
BIG MOMMA, is the first and newest in our series of Vaudevillian Caricature Puppets to enter our Gallery Spotlight. Standing over four feet tall, Momma features 5 separate facial animations, and two elbow rods controlling rotating wrist movements. Her body is constructed of state-of the-art industry grade sheet foam with cast neoprene head, hands, and feet. 

Her costume design encompasses a sheer red metallic Austrian pleated sequin gown and matching jewelry over a nylon Lycra skin covering. Eight weeks in production, Momma weighs in at only an amazing 11.5 pounds. If you don't believe me click the button to your right and check it out yourself.  Happy Holidays! J

Big Momma - Tall Button

November 8th, 2006
Venting Voting and Vindication
As things go: You win some; and some you want to lose. To my young colleagues out there just starting out on this journey it’s imperative that you stay focused on the task at hand and follow your goals to completion. Don’t waste time with self-pity or time wasters. Victory is at hand to those who take action. Persistence and Determination are the keys. Don’t Ask Me Why. J 
October 23, 2006
continues to guide my work. While exchanging emails with a prospective new client I discovered a long-time Divine fan. Suddenly I remembered a Divine doll I had created in 2004, when I was testing the market on Ebay,  and another sale was made. Truly Inspirational, Divine stands 22” tall. She is wearing an original crushed velour zebra-print dress with neon pink ruff. The ruff is accented with hand painted glitter motif and black sequin appliqué. The dress is accessorized with custom design jewelry, matching lingerie, gold trim and a pair of hot pink and gold lace and lame pumps. You can view this doll by clicking the button to your right.

October 14, 2006
Bobbles Bangles and me
late last month I was asked if I would consent to an interview to talk a bit about my latest line of Hollywood Bobble-Stars.  The interview was for a new site called
Bobbles and More I found one night while making a random search on Google. As a result, I not only found a wonderful and informative website about the bobble-head collector's market but made a new friend. Thank you, Sandi

Postscript: Do to current health problems Sandi Kilpatrick had to retire her Bobbles and More website. However, you can read this article by clicking on the button to your right.   My prayers and Well Wishes are with you Sandi. 

September 23, 2006
Amahl and the Night Visitors
by Gian Carlo Menotti goes into production beginning October 1st, as our Nativity story entry into our Puppet Parts Catalog. This new cast of 15 puppets will include both human and animal characters. Schools, Theaters, Display directors and producers looking to place orders for this coming holiday season will need to do so ASAP.

To help offset the cost of bringing this production to life  I have set up a special Paypal Donation page for those of you who would like to assist me in the project. Click on the Amahl and the Night Visitors button to the right to find out more.

Or, contact me using the email link below and place 'Amahl' in the subject line. Thank you MB

Amahl and the Night Visitors 

September 4, 2006
I know you will join me in celebration as I announce my most recent achievements and success: The Cover, and feature article on Sculpting, in the latest issue of The Puppetry Journal, published by the Puppeteers America. I want to thank Paul Eide, managing editor, for the exceptional layout and cover design. I am really quite moved by the honor and can't wait to get my issue.

Puppetry Journal Cover - 2006

As a Special Tribute to the puppeteers who inspired my career such as:  Bil Baird, Paul Ashley, Gerry Anderson, and Michael Myerberg, my Hollywood Bobble-Stars Collection is expanding. Click on the button of Madame, to the right to find out more...>>


Liberace - Gallery

Hollywood Diva Collection

Madame Bobble-Star
July 29, 2006
HOTTER THAN JULY!!! Hope you are managing to as stay as cool as I am in this heat. I wanted to post a quick note to let readers know  - Doll Reader Magazine - August 2006-  is now out on newsstands and features a special focus issue on celebrity doll artists, like myself. The cover is reproduced to your right and may be difficult to find in some areas but keep looking. I want to take the time here to thank Kathryn A. Peck, Managing Editor of Doll Reader for including me in this wonderful line up. Enjoy.

Doll Reader Magazine - August 2006

June 21, 2006 
Its MID YEAR ALREADY! Whoever said time flies, wasn't kidding. To date, I've completed over 19 celebrity caricatures for my 'Viva Lost Vegas' revue. The last two stars to join the line-up are Ella Fitzgerald and Nat King Cole. You will want to keep posted for their gallery pics. Until then I've added a new page I am sure you will enjoy. 

 You Can Do It! is a new page showcasing some of the many wonderful and creative puppets that customers and clients have made using my standard Puppet Parts Catalog items. You can view this page and some of their unique work by clicking the Bard's Photo to your right. That should give you a clue. And as an added bonus I have posted a sneak peek at my Beast Mask design for my upcoming Beauty and the Beast I promised you at the beginning of the year.

You will also be happy to hear this mask will accompany a How-To article discussing my thoughts about life, love and sculpting... Okay mostly sculpting but I do hope you enjoy that.

There will also be another summer publication due out in August, featuring some of my Celebrity Caricatures for all you doll collectors. I haven't forgotten you.

You Can Do It

Beauty and the Beast

Jan 04, 2006
Happy New Year! And what a great New Year this plans to be. Last year we wrapped up the holidays with several new additions to our site and managed to finish both  trimming the tree and a number of bids on some promising new and exciting commissions. There is a new FAQ's page for frequently asked questions to help you clarify your thoughts before making that all important decision to  buy a piece of commissioned art.  Barbra Streisand entered our Gallery Spotlight for the month of January, wearing an original  dress design based on the famous sailor dress she wore in her 1965, special 'My Name Is Barbra'.  Babs... She's just like butta. J 

Many new highlights are planned for this coming year so here is a preview of what to expect: Several new articles are slated for the Puppetry Journal following my last years series on Papier Mache techniques that will follow my thought process on sculpting the head in clay. And, two new additions to our Puppet Parts Catalog, that will include the long awaited Beauty and the Beast and the Nativity  just in time for Christmas 2006. There are a few more surprises. More to come later...


October turned out to be a very busy month. First I completed the refurbishing on the Hot Dog costume you see to the right for Universal. There was no opening in the back of the Hot Dog so I had to insert an internal Velcro lap one. Unfortunately, I couldn't do more to stop the bun from crumbling but the job completed successfully and they were able to get this girl out for the holidays. lol

Next, it was on to the Evil Squirrel puppet for an Indy short film shooting in Louisiana. Using my wire frame armature technique I was able to pull a muslin draft which fit nicely over the black hand puppet sleeve you see in the pictures below. This is the very same technique I use on my Special Costume characters and it works like a charm. After the foam muscle-structure was secured I was able to cover the form with Faux Fur and add the final details.

Overlapping this  was a call to create the elephant-bird for the Dr. Seuss stage musical Seussical. The hand puppet had a moving mouth and flapping wings. The surface of the face was Flocked and then airbrushed to achieve the electric blue color.

I also wrote Deborah N. Landis, at the Costume Designer's Guild, which was suggested by costume designer Pete Menefee after he saw some of my illustration work during a meeting I had with him earlier in the month. The initiation fees are still a little steep for me at the moment. I am saving for a car, a Scion XA, and I like to pay cash for them. Right now that is much more a priority for me.

This past week I just completed two 8 inch tall Wedding Toppers for the upcoming Comedy's Central's, Last Laugh - of Tom Cruise and his soon to be but very pregnant bride Katie. Everything was sculpted, tuxedo, bridal gown and hairstyles. Oh and I had to animate Tom so he could jump up and down on a sofa like he did on the Oprah show. J 

Last Laugh 05 - Premiers 9pm Sunday, December 11th.

All in a day's work I guess. I am looking forward to a quiet Thanksgiving. I will keep you posted. And Yes, I am still scouting opportunities in Vegas and a possible studio relocation there. 

And speaking of opportunities a long-time dear friend alerted me to the fact that... A Q-uirky Broadway show was giving a contest. The winner to receive a all expense paid trip to NYC, to see the show and meet the cast. All you had to do was create a puppet and have the puppet submit a profile. Well, it was a real dash but I completed Baby Goo, and we made the deadline. We didn't make the cut. Nothing ventured, nothing gained they say. On behalf of Baby Goo and myself I do want to take the time to congratulate the lucky finalists. Baby Goo adds," Make sure to wear a hat. It will keep the pigeons in NYC, from shitting on your head."

And last, but not least, I did not forget everyone's favorite  October holiday. 

The Halloween Witches took to the skies on Oct. 31st.