Halloween Witches

Halloween Witches

Ring around the rosy; pocket full of spears. Thought you could out fox me, didnít cha? Well, donít wait until Iím the last to go, because you wonít find me hanging around any retail store. Whatís more, this quality is second to none. Hurry! Order yours today and be the life of the party. Each one of these unique Halloween Witches takes about one week to complete once your order is placed and is subject to fabric and hair color availability.

These Artist Signature Collector pieces are created entirely by the artist and made of a durable vinyl-like synthetic rubber reinforced with strung elastic for flexibility. The witchís body incorporates shoulder, neck, and waist movement and the make-up is applied with acrylic over a simulated skin texture using both conventional and airbrush technique. The wig design is created using synthetic fiber weft and secured to the head in long and flowing locks.

Michael Baroto is a professional artist and puppet designer. He has been creating special character costumes, and puppets for the entertainment industry for the past 30 years. His work has appeared on major television shows, in theaters, and galleries and trade shows across the country. He has published several articles on his craft and currently resides in California.

Witch Flying - Blue Witch Flying - Purple